I’m back in business


You haven’t heard from me for a while because I’ve been busy researching and writing the new book. I decided to go back to pure romance for this one as I know that’s what my core readers love to read most, (and so do I!)

To write about two people falling in love is magical, and when I add the supporting characters and set them in a story with lots of twists, turns, and obstacles in the way, it’s difficult to stop. I don’t want the story to end, but it must or you’ll never get to read it.

Happiness for Hazel is another book in the series Women of Wakefield, so if you liked Evelyn’s Fight and Peace for Gladys, you’ll love this one.

Hazel is charmed by a young man from a mining family. Fearing her parents might not approve, she keeps her affair secret.

Her sweetheart hides a darker side that Hazel finds exciting, but when he becomes possessive, she discovers he might not be the man she thought he was. Are the rumors about him true? Can she trust him with her heart?

Coming soon…



Work in Progress

The Christmas holiday season is now a distant memory and thoughts are turning to the year ahead. The summer of 2017 could be pretty amazing if all my wishes come to fruition. I’m hoping to travel to the USA in August with my family here in UK, and with a lot of luck, my Australian family might be visiting us in June.

I know I’m fortunate and I have much to look forward to, but I work hard to afford the things I want in life, and sometimes work a little harder to accomplish bigger dreams.

I’m back at my keyboard working away on my next book, and even though I spent the last two weeks coughing and sneezing, I’m already half way through the first draft and I’m quite excited about where this one is taking me.

Right now, I’m working on another Second World War novel. This one is a little darker and a more intense read. I’m attempting to show the war years from a different perspective and my girl, ‘Jane,’ has a lot to tell us about her life.

My heroine faces some complicated and dangerous challenges as she finds her way through a tangle of difficulties. Read the beginning of her story here for a taste of what’s to come. Please let me know what you think to the opening.

I’m hoping to have this ready for publication by the end of March of this year.

Happy Reading


Discounted eBook for Halloween


I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’m busy writing the follow on book to Evelyn’s Fight. I’ve almost completed the story, but will have the editing and formatting to organise and of course the blurb and the all important cover design.






It’s hard work being a self published author, but worth every minute to receive great feedback from my readers. Thank you to all of you who take the time to leave reviews. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind comments.


As it will be at least another month or two before my newest book hits the Amazon pages, I’ve lowered the price of ‘For the Missing Girls,’ for the next two weeks. As most of my readers will probably not consider such a very different genre to my usual work, I’m hoping the discount might tempt you.



Now is your chance to try this psychic, paranormal thriller at the lower price. This dark theme with an otherworldly twist may not be your normal choice of book, but will be the perfect read for Halloween.


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Sequel to Evelyn’s Fight

As quite a few of my readers have asked what happens to Evelyn next, I thought I’d write a sequel to Evelyn’s Fight.



I’ll be taking Gladys as the main character, as she has an interesting story to tell, and is close enough to Evelyn to include her continuing story too.

I’m hoping to publish this by the end of November, but you can read the first, unedited chapter on my website here.

If you haven’t read Evelyn’s Fight yet, you can get it from all Amazon stores as a kindle eBook, and it is available in paperback from Createspace.

Download from Amazon UK

Download from Amazon USA

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The end of a journey


Phew, I reached the end at last! Women of Verdun, Book 3, Nicolette is almost ready for publication!

The third and last book in the series, ‘Women of Verdun’, is complete and will now enter the final round of editing and polishing.

This book began life as the concluding episode of my warmly romantic family saga but has turned into an epic adventure story. My lead character held my hand the whole way through. She spoke to me so urgently that I couldn’t ignore her voice.
Consequently, this book leans more to being a thriller than my usual theme of historical romance but what can I say? My heroine whispered in my ear as I wrote. She guided me down unchartered roads and I had to follow her.

I feel quite sad that she won’t be in my life for much longer. Nicolette has become my closest friend over the last few months but I’ll soon let her fly on alone.

Watch closely, she’ll be coming to an Amazon store near you in around four weeks time, (if not sooner)

Happy reading!

Playing with my imaginary friends

Spring is here and the garden is calling me, but my head is stuck in nineteenth century France. My characters have hooked me with the rhythm of their lives and I’m singing along to their tune.

I began with a well constructed plot with a beginning, a mid-section and a cliff hanger ending that leads to the next book in the series, but as usual my imaginary friends have taken the lead and are driving the story in different directions. I’m not complaining, as they are making a better job of it between them than I ever could have done without their help.

The sun might shine tomorrow and tempt me back to my own world for a while, but for now, I’m happy in the land of make believe, where anything can happen, and surprises are around every corner of the unwritten page.
Happy reading

New book coming soon, preview here


My latest  family saga based on stories from World War Two is almost ready for publication. I hope to have this available on amazon within the next couple of weeks and in paperback by Christmas.

Thanks to all who helped me choose the title for this. “Lost in the Memories” was an amalgamation of all your suggestions.

The story in brief

Pam treasures the notes, letters, cards, and photographs that her mother and grandparents left her. When her uncle asks for information about a secret sister, she uses the file of memories to help him embark on a search for the lost baby.

Cross-checking dates with the written accounts of war-time events they are drawn into the past to discover a web of family secrets.

Can they find the love child? Will their questions be answered?

Weaving between past and present, using the written words as guides, they see between the lines and discover a love story full of passion, loss and sacrifice.

Can’t wait? To read an extract, please visit my website, http://www.pearlagardner.co.uk