Audio books – Opinions please

What is your opinion / experience of audio books?

Do you listen to them? If so, where and when?

What do you like most about them?

Is there anything you find irritating about them?



Holiday promotion price slash


I just got home from a long vacation but I don’t feel rested. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is not designed for relaxation.


Spending time with three of my grandchildren in Florida has been very rewarding but now I’m ready to start work, if only to earn enough money to get away again. (Next time I’ll make sure I go to a sandy beach with a gripping novel!)

I know lots of people love to read whilst on holiday. Personally, it’s the only time I have to indulge in a good book as most of my working days are filled with trying to write some!

With this in mind, I decided to lower the price of two of my books for the last two weeks of August. If you’ve not read these yet, please take advantage of the £0.99p or $0.99c promotional eBook price for Evelyn’s Fight, and Belle. Both are available in all Amazon stores.

Happy holidays


eve4kdpsmall     Link to Evelyn’s Fight

Belle-1a    Link to Belle


Back to work after a short break

How time flies when you’re having fun! A whole month of my life has vanished in a blur. My Australian family are safely back home after what seemed like a whirlwind visit, though they were here for four whole weeks.

We visited castles and stately homes, historical cities and nature’s natural wonders, but the place that will live on in the memories of all my grandchildren is Sherwood Forest, where they all did the treetop adventure, ‘Go Ape’. They skipped along the terrifyingly high walkways, clinging precariously to flimsy wooden structures, while we older ones watched in awe from the ground with cricked necks.


We tried to put a little culture in the mix by dragging them around the places of historical interest, but children just love having fun. Consequently the local trampoline park, crazy dino golf and playing with their English cousins were voted as the best days. However, they managed to find fun even in the most cultural spots we took them to. Harry Potter broomstick riding lessons at Alnwick Castle and fishing in the river at Bolton Abbey were big highlights for them.


All good things come to an end, and it was painful to say goodbye. Having all my family together was very special, and I will treasure the happy memories we made until the next time, whenever that might be.

Now I’m back at my computer, sketching the outline for the next novel and working on the marketing for my latest release. With that in mind, here’s a reminder that there are only five more days left to enter the Goodreads Giveaway for Hannah’s Conflict. Good luck if you decide to enter.

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Hannah’s Conflict

by Pearl A. Gardner

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Please forgive me, I’m taking a break

I’m taking a short break from writing because I have family arriving very soon from Australia.

This is the family I wrote about in one of my earlier books. ‘It’s Penguin Shooting Day’ tells the story of when my son-in-law had a horrific car accident. I flew to Australia on the first available flight to help look after my baby granddaughter so my daughter could be by her husband’s side during his long journey to recovery.


Those heartbreaking times are ten years behind us now, but I’m sure you’ll understand why I want to spend quality time with these very special people.

Please forgive me if I don’t write for a while. I’ll be enjoying lots of cuddles and playtime with my precious family.

If you’d like to read their story, you can find it here:-

Link to Amazon USA

Link to Amazon UK



Work in Progress

The Christmas holiday season is now a distant memory and thoughts are turning to the year ahead. The summer of 2017 could be pretty amazing if all my wishes come to fruition. I’m hoping to travel to the USA in August with my family here in UK, and with a lot of luck, my Australian family might be visiting us in June.

I know I’m fortunate and I have much to look forward to, but I work hard to afford the things I want in life, and sometimes work a little harder to accomplish bigger dreams.

I’m back at my keyboard working away on my next book, and even though I spent the last two weeks coughing and sneezing, I’m already half way through the first draft and I’m quite excited about where this one is taking me.

Right now, I’m working on another Second World War novel. This one is a little darker and a more intense read. I’m attempting to show the war years from a different perspective and my girl, ‘Jane,’ has a lot to tell us about her life.

My heroine faces some complicated and dangerous challenges as she finds her way through a tangle of difficulties. Read the beginning of her story here for a taste of what’s to come. Please let me know what you think to the opening.

I’m hoping to have this ready for publication by the end of March of this year.

Happy Reading


Merry Christmas – Bah! or Yo-Ho-Ho?

I think most people will be busy preparing for the Christmas holiday and I don’t expect many of my loyal fans or new readers to come anywhere near my web-site or Blog for a while, but I thought I’d put fingertips to key-board before I get completely swamped by the festive season.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I see this time of year as challenging. As a woman with children and grandchildren; a husband, friends and extended family I feel pressured to perform like superwoman. Do any of you feel the same?

Christmas shopping for suitable presents for everyone is only the start of it. Would Aunty Dot like bed socks or might she think I was referring to her need to keep warm as she gets older and see it as an insult? What about my youngest sister? Would she appreciate some anti-wrinkle cream or would that be a step too far? If I bought my niece that lovely cropped top I saw, would I be encouraging her to express her sexuality too soon? She’s sixteen but would my brother-in-law still see her as a child? It’s a veritable minefield!

I find trying to remember what I bought the same people last year a nightmare. I don’t want to repeat the mistake of giving my brother a bottle of brandy when he swore off the booze in November and forgot to mention it to anyone! Then there was the time I watched my sister unwrap the very same perfume I got her the previous year, and only remembered when I saw the sarcastic smile of thanks on her face.

How do so many people seem to find hitting the right note of festive cheer so easy? If you’re one of them, what’s your secret?

Don’t even mention the festive food! I admit that my kitchen duties have now downsized since my daughter took over and now invites the family to her house. At first, we all made contributions to take with us, to ensure the preparations were easier for her. It all worked well, until the year I forgot to bring the cranberry sauce I’d slaved over the previous day, and the pigs in blankets were still nestled happily in my fridge at home. Now we turn up early and lend a hand peeling the sprouts instead.

I’m happy when the big day is well into the afternoon and nothing else can go wrong! It’s not a quiet day. Conversation flows among the adults, fueled by alcohol to keep the volume above the squeals of children playing with new toys. Then, just when I think I can’t put up with the younger ones under my feet a moment longer, it grows quieter as adults fall into booze-induced slumber and the young ones watch Frozen for the hundredth time on their new ipads.

Why do we put ourselves through this torture every year? Because we love it, of course!

Merry Christmas
Happy reading

Discounted eBooks for one week


Everyone loves a bargain – right? I love to keep my readers happy, so here are some discounted books for you at Smashwords.
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Happy reading.