I’m back in business


You haven’t heard from me for a while because I’ve been busy researching and writing the new book. I decided to go back to pure romance for this one as I know that’s what my core readers love to read most, (and so do I!)

To write about two people falling in love is magical, and when I add the supporting characters and set them in a story with lots of twists, turns, and obstacles in the way, it’s difficult to stop. I don’t want the story to end, but it must or you’ll never get to read it.

Happiness for Hazel is another book in the series Women of Wakefield, so if you liked Evelyn’s Fight and Peace for Gladys, you’ll love this one.

Hazel is charmed by a young man from a mining family. Fearing her parents might not approve, she keeps her affair secret.

Her sweetheart hides a darker side that Hazel finds exciting, but when he becomes possessive, she discovers he might not be the man she thought he was. Are the rumors about him true? Can she trust him with her heart?

Coming soon…



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