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Evelyn’s Fight is the first book of the Women of Wakefield series following Yorkshire women as they love, learn and try to survive in a war-torn world.

Each book can be read as a stand-alone novel but might be better enjoyed when read in sequence.

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Third book in series ready for pre-order

At last, the third book in my ‘WW2 Women of Courage’ is ready for pre-order on all Amazon sites.

In this series I write about the war from the ordinary German civilian perspective, and concentrate on what it was like for the Jewish people living under Hitler’s rule.

What happened in the holocaust is common knowledge, but there are many untold stories about how Jews were saved by non-Jewish neighbours, by partisans, and through their own brave efforts.

My series follows four different women, from various backgrounds who all have one thing in common. They are all European and have lived under Hitler’s regime.

Of course, each story has a romantic element and all my heroines experience love and sometimes loss in these moving novels. Keep your tissues handy, but I hope you’ll also find yourself smiling and cheering my girls on as you read of their heart-warming adventures in the especially chilling times they lived through.

Book One is ‘Your Name is Jane’


After a devastating air-raid, a young woman finds herself trapped in the ruins of a building. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. The only fact she is certain of is adding to her confusion. Her thoughts are in German, but her rescuers are speaking English.

When asked what her name is, she is disturbed to realise she doesn’t know the answer.

As parts of her memory slowly return, she begins to understand her life has not been easy but is afraid to tell anyone about the incriminating and confusing fragments she can recall.

Not knowing who to trust, she sets out to uncover the mystery of who she is, and why she is in Sheffield when her home country is at war with England.

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Book Two is ‘Hannah’s Conflict’


After escaping Europe before the outbreak of WW2, Hannah’s passionate response to the oppression of her fellow Jews leads her back to Germany.

Working with a group of partisans, she helps to rescue Jewish prisoners from their places of hiding, from labour camps and from certain death.

Living with danger, and in constant fear of discovery, she learns her lover is not what he seems. With no-one to confide in, she lives with the constant menace of his secrets and lies. If the truth gets out, it could threaten the whole operation.

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Book Three is ‘Ingrid’s Mission’


Ingrid lived the sheltered life of an elite Nazi socialite until her father was executed by the Gestapo. Then her world turned upside down.

She learned her lover was responsible for betraying her father and vowed never to let another man take her heart.

Feeling guilty about the Nazi beliefs she had lived by, she determines to make amends for her previous acceptance of Hitler’s doctrines. Her self-imposed mission is to save as many oppressed people as she can.

Working with a group of partisans, she learns the skills she needs to fight the Nazi regime, but in the midst of her new and dangerous life, can one liberated Jew steal her heart?

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Book Four is still in progress and has the working title, ‘Freedom for Cassie’


This book will follow a young Jewish girl’s journey as she travels the Freedom Trail from Poland, across Europe, over the Pyrenees and into Spain.

She eventually settles in England and we see her life in retrospect as she is interviewed for a Remembrance Day article. The interviewer is a young female journalist who works for the Sheffield Telegraph. Her mother brings the series full circle thirty years after the war ended.

This story will have a double romance thread running through it, but it won’t lack the thrills or the excitement you’ll find in the previous three books. Cassie will have her share of adventures.

I hope to tie up all the loose ends of the previous books with this final story to give a satisfying conclusion for all my WW2 Women of Courage. Book four should be ready for publication by the New Year. Watch this space for news…



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Pearl A Gardner