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Peace for Gladys by Pearl A. Gardner

Peace for Gladys

by Pearl A. Gardner

Giveaway ends December 07, 2016.

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For lovers of WW2 sagas, here is the second book of the Women of Wakefield series.

‘Peace for Gladys’ is available for pre-order now and will be published on 30th November in eBook format. The paperback is available now from all Amazon Stores, or directly from Createspace.

Gladys hides a secret that could ruin her marriage, but fortunately, her husband, John, is still away, fighting.

With the war in its fifth year, she believes the gossips may have forgotten her past mistakes, but still worries what might happen if her husband should ever learn what she’d done.

Will she be forced to live her life looking over her shoulder, or will she ever know peace?

If you missed the first book, ‘Evelyn’s Fight,’ read it now, in paperback or eBook, available from all Amazon stores. Paperback is also available directly from Createspace.

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