New eBook available for pre-order

At last, my next novel is now available for pre-order in all Amazon stores.

Peace for Gladys has a publication date of 30th November 2016.


This book follows on from Evelyn’s Fight with the story about her best friend’s secrets and inner conflict. Readers of Evelyn’s Fight will discover what happened next for both women.

Order your copy now – Peace for Gladys

Read the first chapter on my webiste here

Gladys hides a secret past that could ruin her marriage, but fortunately her husband, John, is still away, fighting. With the war in its fifth year, she believes the gossips may have forgotten her past mistakes, but still worries what might happen if her husband should ever learn what she’d done.

When she comes into an inheritance, she uncovers more family secrets that are just as troubling as her own. Should she tell what she knows, or let the past stay hidden?

Will she be forced to live her life looking over her shoulder, or will she ever know peace?

Happy reading.


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