Free Psychic Detective eBook


I’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed a cruise in the Mediterranean with my husband. Now, I’m feeling rested and restored and almost ready to start the new book. I just have the normal chores to get out of the way first. A mountain of laundry, dust I can write my name in and food cupboards with bare shelves – which is just as well as I need to diet after two weeks of lazing around and eating some wonderful meals.


To celebrate my feeling of goodwill, I’m offering the Kindle version of my psychic sleuth novel FREE from 16th to 20th September. You’ll be able to download ‘For the Missing Girls, A Kerry Malone, Psychic Novel,’ from your local Amazon store from Friday, 0.01AM 16th USA time. (Around midday in UK.)


If you take advantage of this freebie, paranormal suspense thriller, please leave a review. As this is a completely different genre for me, I’d love to know your thoughts on this deep and scary story.

From Amazon UK

From Amazon USA

Happy reading



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