Seeking opinions please



Hi followers and fellow bloggers.

I am the writing equivalent of a butterfly. I can’t settle on one genre for long. I like to flex my wings and try something new.

At the moment I’m working on something dark and spooky. The main character, Kerry, can see and speak to spirits. The story explores her special talents, focussing on her voluntary work with the local police detectives. She helps with the search to find the person responsible for the abduction of some little girls.

As a taster, you can read the first pages on my web site here.

I’d love to know what you think. If you found and read this opening while browsing in a book store, would you be tempted to buy the book?

While I have your attention, I’ve been working on the cover for this book and now have two ideas. Which picture would entice you to open the book?

The caped figure of the spooky face?

kerry1       kdpcover1

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy reading



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