Here’s a taster of my paranormal thriller


I was hoping for a relaxing December, but life isn’t like that, is it? With Christmas parties, children’s Nativity plays, Carol concerts and shopping, I’ve barely had time to sit down, let alone relax!

However, the 23rd has arrived and everything is done. Presents are wrapped, dinner is organised and Christmas day bubbles are cooling in the fridge. So I have a few minutes to add a word or two here.

While I’ve been busy preparing for the festivities, my mind has been occupied with planning my next project and I did manage to jot a few pages down. I’m very excited about my next book. It’s something very different to my usual work. It’s darker and more sinister. I’m working on a paranormal thriller. I love to try new ideas and I’m hoping to develop this one into a series. You can read the start of it here on my web site. I don’t have a title or cover yet, but the characters are coming to life in my head and the plot is getting deeper. I hope you enjoy the taster.

I’d love to know what you think. Based on this taster, would you like to read the book?

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year


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