Amazon Bargains

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Happy reading




Some thoughts for the weekend

Hello to all my followers. I hope this stormy weather in UK isn’t dampening your enthusiasm for the weekend ahead.
If it’s too wet and windy to go out, why not stay inside and read, surf the internet or watch a good film on the box?
Before you get settled, I’m hoping you can spare a few minutes to help me out.

I’m asking all my followers what they would like to see on my Facebook page and blog.
What would it take to entice you to visit my page or blog, or engage with me by answering questions, or liking and sharing my posts and blogs?
I know some fans like to know more about the life and thoughts of the author. Would this interest you?
Would you rather I stay in the background and perhaps do something like serialise a story?
Would you like to see my recommendations for other books from different authors?
How about being notified when books similar to mine are on FREE offer?
Any suggestions welcome!

Finally, some questions to help me understand my readers more.
When do you read?
What is your favourite genre?
What is your all-time favourite book?
Do you leave reviews for books you have read? If not, why not?
Would you be interested in signing up to my newsletter?
Visit my website to sign up and see details of a FREE book.

Thanks for your time
Hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever in the world you might be, and whatever you have planned.
Happy Reading