Nicolette! Available for pre-order now!


At last, the final story in my three book trilogy, Women of Verdun, is now available for pre-order. Book Three, Nicolette, will be released on the 28th November at the latest.

I’m working with my team of readers to iron out the last few editing kinks, and as soon as we feel the book is ready, I will set it free on Amazon. As a taster, here is the story in brief:-

Nicolette was raised in England but her French roots go deep. She is determined to follow in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother to try fight for her country in the war with Germany.

Her fiancé is less than enthusiastic about enlisting which causes her to rethink her relationship. Instead of getting married on her twenty-second birthday, she embarks on a dangerous course that will lead her back Verdun, the home of her family.

She works undercover to defend her country of birth, and the homeland of her ancestors. Blending seamlessly into the local population she uncovers secrets, from the present and the past, and moves into a future that she never dreamed possible.

To pre-order on Amazon UK –

To pre-order on amazon USA –


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