The end of a journey


Phew, I reached the end at last! Women of Verdun, Book 3, Nicolette is almost ready for publication!

The third and last book in the series, ‘Women of Verdun’, is complete and will now enter the final round of editing and polishing.

This book began life as the concluding episode of my warmly romantic family saga but has turned into an epic adventure story. My lead character held my hand the whole way through. She spoke to me so urgently that I couldn’t ignore her voice.
Consequently, this book leans more to being a thriller than my usual theme of historical romance but what can I say? My heroine whispered in my ear as I wrote. She guided me down unchartered roads and I had to follow her.

I feel quite sad that she won’t be in my life for much longer. Nicolette has become my closest friend over the last few months but I’ll soon let her fly on alone.

Watch closely, she’ll be coming to an Amazon store near you in around four weeks time, (if not sooner)

Happy reading!


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