Scary novel published for Halloween (for 9-12 year olds)

Published just in time for Halloween, Spyger, a scary novel for 9 to 12 year olds, (or for the young at heart.)


Zoe and Kirsty witness a flying saucer landing at a disused factory the day before Kirsty leaves for a new life away from the town. Later, after Kirsty has left, Zoe discovers the saucer left something behind. An alien egg.

Zoe is excited about the sighting, but has no one to share the secret with, until she meets Tom who has moved into Kirsty’s old house. He suggests they keep the discovery a secret. They are both afraid what the authorities might do to the alien egg.

Can they protect it?

Will it survive?

Will their secret be discovered?

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Special Halloween FREE BOOK promotions!

Special Halloween promotions!
Two of my novels will be available FREE from midday on the 31st October, throughout the Halloween weekend and into next week. If you haven’t read them yet, now is the time to download these treats to read on cold winter nights by the fireside.


The first FREE offer is, ‘Belle’ and her story will warm your heart.

The first in my romantic, three book saga, Women of Verdun. Follow her story of hope, heartache and suspense as she battles to save her family and keep them safe.

Available here at Amazom UK:-

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The second FREE offer is, ‘The Truth Revealed’ and this story will chill your soul.

This is the first in my two book series about alien abduction, They Take our Children. Immerse yourself in the lives of an ordinary Yorkshire family caught up in an incredible tale of secrets, intrigue and horror.

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Nicolette! Available for pre-order now!


At last, the final story in my three book trilogy, Women of Verdun, is now available for pre-order. Book Three, Nicolette, will be released on the 28th November at the latest.

I’m working with my team of readers to iron out the last few editing kinks, and as soon as we feel the book is ready, I will set it free on Amazon. As a taster, here is the story in brief:-

Nicolette was raised in England but her French roots go deep. She is determined to follow in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother to try fight for her country in the war with Germany.

Her fiancé is less than enthusiastic about enlisting which causes her to rethink her relationship. Instead of getting married on her twenty-second birthday, she embarks on a dangerous course that will lead her back Verdun, the home of her family.

She works undercover to defend her country of birth, and the homeland of her ancestors. Blending seamlessly into the local population she uncovers secrets, from the present and the past, and moves into a future that she never dreamed possible.

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The end of a journey


Phew, I reached the end at last! Women of Verdun, Book 3, Nicolette is almost ready for publication!

The third and last book in the series, ‘Women of Verdun’, is complete and will now enter the final round of editing and polishing.

This book began life as the concluding episode of my warmly romantic family saga but has turned into an epic adventure story. My lead character held my hand the whole way through. She spoke to me so urgently that I couldn’t ignore her voice.
Consequently, this book leans more to being a thriller than my usual theme of historical romance but what can I say? My heroine whispered in my ear as I wrote. She guided me down unchartered roads and I had to follow her.

I feel quite sad that she won’t be in my life for much longer. Nicolette has become my closest friend over the last few months but I’ll soon let her fly on alone.

Watch closely, she’ll be coming to an Amazon store near you in around four weeks time, (if not sooner)

Happy reading!

The great divide

The Atlantic Ocean is not the only thing that separates us from our American friends.
We may be able to understand each other but we don’t speak the same language. I’m not referring to the simplistic misunderstandings of different pronunciations. We all know that a tomato is a ‘tom-ah-toe’ in England but is a ‘tom-ay-toe’ in America and aluminium in England is pronounced ‘al-yu-minium’ but Americans say ‘al-oo-minum’ but what happens when we delve into the languages, especially when written in books, newspapers, and on the internet.

Can you tell which side of the Atlantic these two examples originate from?
‘Son, don’t ride your bike on the sidewalk, stay on the pavement.’
‘Son, don’t ride your bike on the pavement, stay on the road.’
Pretty easy to spot the difference isn’t it but you can see why we might get confused.

I write in English, not American English. I wouldn’t insult the intelligence of my readers by trying to write in American. I am English and my stories are written in my native tongue.

I have no objection to reading a novel by an American author. In fact, I enjoy the diverse terminology. The language transports me to the country and I can experience the differences in our two cultures through the author’s mind.

I suspect that many Americans don’t feel the same sense of adventure when choosing books written by English authors. My opinion is based on the sales of my work in both countries. Less than 1% of my total sales come from readers in the USA. Is the language barrier the only reason? If you know something I don’t, please let me know.