When your mojo takes a holiday


I had a big, milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago and although I was not in the least depressed by my advancing years, I have to admit that my mojo seemed to have taken a holiday. My other half decided he would also take a holiday from work so we could spend some quality time together to try to find my mojo and to celebrate my birthday in style.

We took weeks deciding where we would like to go and what we would like to do during this break. Our ‘bucket list’ is not as long these days, as we have been most places we want to see and done almost everything we hoped to by now. So it came down to a choice of flying somewhere exotic for sightseeing and swimming in warm oceans or staying closer to home to appreciate fine dining and the English countryside. The trouble was, because my mojo was absent, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, and I didn’t really care either way.

We surfed the net for weeks but the perfect solution refused to jump out at us. Then, almost as we had decided to just stay at home, we found a great deal at a lovely hotel in the Lake District. We’ve always loved this part of the world, and although we’ve been many, many times over the years, the Cumbrian fells and waters never lose their appeal. We booked it, packed in haste and travelled the next day.

What bliss! The hotel was a gem. The food was out of this world. The scenery was stupendous. The weather was kind too. We’d packed for rainy walks on the fells, but had sunshine all the way. Our rain hats became sunshades and we walked through stunning hills, dales, forest and meadow, by tinkling streams and roaring waterfalls.

We walked all morning then talked over cool glasses of local beer in cosy pubs at lunchtime. We drove for miles, stopping frequently to admire the views and walk some more. The peace of the fells touched our hearts and we felt the wonder of nature all around us. At the end of each day we laughed while relaxing in the evening sunshine, with a bottle of wine on the hotel terrace. Almost without me realising, my mojo had slipped back into place and everything became right in my world.


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