Book Two now published, Book Three coming soon….


At last, Women of Verdun, Book Two, Belle’s Girls is published and available in Amazon stores world wide. The paperback edition will be out in the next couple of days. I’m now working on book three, but this one might take a little longer to research.
‘Nicolette’ is Belle’s granddaughter. She has been brought up in England and is planning her wedding when the Second World War breaks out. Her fiancé’s decision to stay out of the fight confuses her. She wants to help to defend the country she calls home and can’t understand why Robert refuses to join up. Her patriotism leads her down new pathways and away from her childhood sweetheart.
I won’t spoil the story by disclosing any more of it here, but Nicolette embarks on dangerous adventures that change her life forever.

Get it from here:-

Get it from here:-

If you missed Women of Verdun, Book One, Belle, you’ll find it it your favourite Amazon store. Just put Women of Verdun in the search box.

Happy reading