New book now published with promotional price of 0.99

Now published, Women of Verdun, Book One, BELLE

As a reward for my loyal readers for their patience in waiting for my newest publication, I am launching my new book at a promotional price of £0.99p.


Belle is nineteen in the late nineteenth century. The world is changing rapidly, but in France, in the district of Verdun, life flows at a slower pace. Belle is in love with her childhood friend and hopes he feels the same way. While visiting the Exposition Universelle in Paris, in the most romantic place in the world, Julien proposes but to her disappointment he does not speak of love.

Belle settles for a marriage of convenience, but realises her mistake when she discovers the husband she adores has a terrible secret that could ruin both their families. Can she find the courage to confront him? How can she love him after such a betrayal? How will she protect her family?

This is the first story in an epic three book saga that will cross two centuries, three generations and two world wars. Book Two, Belle’s Girls will be coming soon.

Buy from Amazon UK here:

Buy from Amazon USA here:


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