Grab a bargain, kindle book sale all through May


If you like a bargain, you’ll like my long term sale on Amazon. Starting today, almost all my books are £0.99, or $0.99 USA, for at least the whole month of May.

As you know, I love to write, but I intensely dislike the time I have to put aside to market my books. However, today I made myself work on just that subject, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. I’m hoping the results will prove my time well spent.

I’m trying something new. Following advice from fellow authors, I dug deep into the search engine of Amazon and discovered a few tricks of the trade to lift my gems from obscurity into the public eye. I won’t bore you with the details, but I changed categories, tweaked keywords, examined algorithms – I know, I don’t understand them either! Then I waved my magic wand, bit my lip and lowered the prices.

Grab a bargain, I don’t know how long I can hold my nerve while I wait for the graph to start rising, but I promise the prices will remain until May is over.

Happy reading.

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How do you combat monday morning blues?

How do you combat Monday morning blues?

I envy people who walk into work with a smile after the weekend.

Even though I am my own boss, I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to sit at my computer after a weekend of doing other stuff. I usually find a hundred and one things that need to be done first, such as, the washing, vacuuming, or writing a shopping list. Then, when I eventually sit down to start my writing day, I find myself reading emails, checking out what everyone else is doing on Facebook and generally prevaricating before opening the manuscript file.

Oh, well. It could be worse. I could be any one of you who have to work for someone else. I wouldn’t change places with you, I love being self employed. I just wish I could skip Monday mornings. Now where did I put that duster?

Playing with my imaginary friends

Spring is here and the garden is calling me, but my head is stuck in nineteenth century France. My characters have hooked me with the rhythm of their lives and I’m singing along to their tune.

I began with a well constructed plot with a beginning, a mid-section and a cliff hanger ending that leads to the next book in the series, but as usual my imaginary friends have taken the lead and are driving the story in different directions. I’m not complaining, as they are making a better job of it between them than I ever could have done without their help.

The sun might shine tomorrow and tempt me back to my own world for a while, but for now, I’m happy in the land of make believe, where anything can happen, and surprises are around every corner of the unwritten page.
Happy reading

FREE sci-fi ebook, They Take our Children, Book One, The truth Revealed.


To tempt my loyal romance readers to try a different genre, I’m offering one of my Sci-fi titles Free from 6th to 10th April in all Amazon stores.

I began to serialise this novel here in my blog, but decided I couldn’t put the whole book up as that would breach my conditions of publishing with Amazon, and staying exclusive to them.

Book one of the two part sci-fi series, They Take our Children, The Truth Revealed is a story of alien abduction, but involves real people from a normal family who experience some exraordinary events.

Try it, what have you got to lose? If you are tempted, please let me know what you think.

At last! I got my Mojo back!

What can I say? It’s been too long since I wrote anything on this blog, but I have moved house, and been very busy settling into my new home. I lost my writing mojo for quite some time because real life took over and all my imaginary friends abandoned me. Fortunately, one of my future characters stayed with me throughout the turmoil of dealing with solicitors, removals companies and utility services. She hovered in the shadows of my mind, whispering her story and waiting for the right time to emerge fully into the sunlight. I feel she blossomed with the daffodils and when I began to listen to her, she had a very interesting story to tell me.
So I’m back to the flower theme for my next book, and it will be another war story romance, but with a twist of espionage. I immersed myself in history once again, concentrating on the spy schools of the second world war to ensure I got the details correct for my heroine’s adventures.
I conjured more characters from thin air to keep her company, and fleshed them out with personalities, friends and family. Then I began to write the first chapter, but another, very strong lead character started to interrupt the flow of words. She is the grandmother of my heroine and she dominated the whole thread of my thinking processes. Her influence was so great that I could not ignore her. She told me that my new book has a back story that needs to be told first- her story.
I spent the next month going further back in history and researching life in France to make the backgrounds more authentic for my new dominant character to act out her story. She took me to places I’d never considered before, and when she told me the full account of her life, my fingers began to itch. I couldn’t keep these words inside a minute longer.
The words are flowing rapidly as I involve myself in her story and I can see another woman emerging with yet another tale of romance, love and loss. I’m keeping this new character quiet for now, but I can see that she will be my next heroine and the original girl, who has been with me all along, will have to get to the back of the queue.
What started as a stand alone love story set in the second world war, is now becoming a family saga spanning three generations. I hope to turn this into a two or perhaps three part series, so that takes care of the rest of 2015 for me!