Will you be paying more in 2015 for your eBooks?

Did you know………

That from January 1st 2015, if you live in UK you will be paying 17% more for all eBooks bought through Amazon? (and many other on-line eBook stores.)

This is because the VAT rule is changing for eBooks. Currently, VAT is charged in the country where the eBook originates. Amazon eBooks bought in the UK are currently delivered from Europe, and have a VAT rate of 3%.

From January 1st, the VAT will be charged in the country of residence of the purchaser. So if you live in UK, you will pay 20% VAT.

The most popular pricing for eBooks is between £0.99 to £2.99p in UK, so you will see an increase in this price bracket, from the original price, to approximately £1.16 to £3.50.

Amazon and other online eBook stores will not make any more money from this change, they will simply be acting as tax collectors for the government.

Authors will not make money from this change, and indeed may lose money as we will have to consider lowering our base rate prices, (price before tax,) to regain competitive pricing.

Prices are unchanged for hard copy books, (paperback and hardback,) as they are not subject to VAT in UK.

If you live in UK and plan to read a lot in 2015, buy your eBooks before January 1st.

You’ll find my eBooks here..    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pearl-A-Gardner/e/B00G285QNK/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

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