Will you be paying more in 2015 for your eBooks?

Did you know………

That from January 1st 2015, if you live in UK you will be paying 17% more for all eBooks bought through Amazon? (and many other on-line eBook stores.)

This is because the VAT rule is changing for eBooks. Currently, VAT is charged in the country where the eBook originates. Amazon eBooks bought in the UK are currently delivered from Europe, and have a VAT rate of 3%.

From January 1st, the VAT will be charged in the country of residence of the purchaser. So if you live in UK, you will pay 20% VAT.

The most popular pricing for eBooks is between £0.99 to £2.99p in UK, so you will see an increase in this price bracket, from the original price, to approximately £1.16 to £3.50.

Amazon and other online eBook stores will not make any more money from this change, they will simply be acting as tax collectors for the government.

Authors will not make money from this change, and indeed may lose money as we will have to consider lowering our base rate prices, (price before tax,) to regain competitive pricing.

Prices are unchanged for hard copy books, (paperback and hardback,) as they are not subject to VAT in UK.

If you live in UK and plan to read a lot in 2015, buy your eBooks before January 1st.

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Invaluable life experience is starting to wear thin.

Four months since agreeing to sell my house and put an offer on another one, I am still waiting to exchange contracts and arrange a moving day. The frustrations I have encountered along this journey have far outweighed my expectations. At first, I quipped that I could use the experience as inspiration for a new novel. Now I’m beginning to feel a little less enthusiastic about the whole sorry saga.

Solicitors are dragging their feet, and I can’t blame one more than another. In total, I am in the hands of four sets of solicitors, or is there a special term for a group of these people? A Gaggle of gossipers, perhaps? A crew of conspirators? A league of anything but gentlemen?

I don’t mean to be unkind to the profession, and I’m sure there must be some very good and hard working solicitors in this world, but so far I haven’t met one.

Phrases such as, ‘It’s in the post,’ or ‘We are dealing with that,’ and even, ‘I’m afraid that’s a standard fee and everyone has to pay it,’ are starting to get under my skin. I can’t prove that any of these statements are false, but as time passes the evidence is growing to support my theory that these people are being very economical with the truth.

I’m surrounded by boxes and every day that passes brings us closer to the Christmas holiday. I had an idea to spray-paint them all gold and silver, stick large red ribbons on them and put them under the Christmas tree. They wouldn’t look so untidy, and the camouflage would help to cheer my flagging spirits but I wouldn’t have room to sit comfortably in the lounge if I did that.

Christmas is a time for loving and giving, so I’m taking some deep, long breaths to calm my frayed nerves. I’ve also discovered that Christmas is a time when all good or bad solicitors close the office for two weeks of rest. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!

Roll on 2015, maybe we can book our removals firm before Easter.