Invaluable life experience – update

Update on the house move – We got our search reports back at 4.45pm Thursday. We carefully checked through the reams of paper to find an incorrect map of our property. The map showed a street ten miles away. We rang to speak to Victoria, the paralegal dealing with our transaction, but by that time the office had closed for the day.

Friday morning we got an email message from Victoria. It transpires that the vendors’ solicitor have  sent the wrong contract and transfer documents to our solicitors. I don’t know why we were surprised! We rang her to explain about the searches. Victoria explained that it appears the searches had been done on the WRONG property due to the vendors’ solicitor submitting the wrong plans to her, not once, but TWICE! 

As Friday is completion day for most people who buy and sell property, solicitors are very busy dealing with these transactions. We knew our problem would not be dealt with until Monday, so speed things up, we took matters into our own hands. We rang the search company directly, to explain the situation and request that the searches should be done again in a hurry, on the correct property this time. She confirmed the request with our solicitor and told us it would take about an hour to complete this work.

When we got a call to say  the searches had been completed and submitted to our solicitor, we rang Victoria to make sure she had them. Our very understanding and kind solicitor offered to work on the report immediately. She also informed us that she was still waiting for the correct contract and transfer documents. This was at 4.30pm, Friday.

We received the report by email at 7.45pm. Victoria is a super star! Our Friday evening was spent reading through legal jargon and checking every detail!

We should have moved YESTERDAY, 21st November, but it looks like it will take another week or two now. What a palaver. I couldn’t have written this into a novel, it’s too unbelievable!


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