Invaluable life experience inspires the next book.

I’m taking a break from writing while I relocate. I’m selling my present home and moving to a new home a few miles away. Anyone who has experienced this will know that moving home is a very stressful procedure!

I wish I had the skills and knowledge to do the work I am paying others to do for me. I can’t believe the cheek of these people who will be receiving a hefty chunk of my hard-earned cash to pay them for their incompetence. I feel out of control and being unable to have any say in the process is frustrating.

To start with, the vendors’ solicitor submitted the wrong plans TWICE, and my solicitors failed to chase the documents in a timely fashion. Then my purchases were very slow in organising their mortgage after informing us at the beginning of this process that they didn’t NEED a mortgage!

After suffering delays on both sides of the chain the vendors are now pressuring for dates, and the removal company just cancelled my reservation!

I’m tearing my hair out, but one great thing to come out of the process is the experience I can draw on when composing my next story. I won’t write about a house move, that would be too boring, but a series of events that cause frustration could make a good theme.

I am too busy packing to concentrate on the next book just now, but next month, when all this is behind me and I’m sitting pretty in my new home, well, watch this space.


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