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My latest  family saga based on stories from World War Two is almost ready for publication. I hope to have this available on amazon within the next couple of weeks and in paperback by Christmas.

Thanks to all who helped me choose the title for this. “Lost in the Memories” was an amalgamation of all your suggestions.

The story in brief

Pam treasures the notes, letters, cards, and photographs that her mother and grandparents left her. When her uncle asks for information about a secret sister, she uses the file of memories to help him embark on a search for the lost baby.

Cross-checking dates with the written accounts of war-time events they are drawn into the past to discover a web of family secrets.

Can they find the love child? Will their questions be answered?

Weaving between past and present, using the written words as guides, they see between the lines and discover a love story full of passion, loss and sacrifice.

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Please help me choose a title for my next book


Can you help me choose my next title?

I’m near to completing the next family saga and I’m looking for a title that will draw readers in and make them want to read the book.

The story is about a woman and her uncle who are searching through written notes and letters from the war to find the truth behind a family secret of a girl born out-of-wedlock.

The cover will show a scattering of handwritten notes, a photograph of a little girl, and some wartime letterheads and envelopes.

Some titles that I’m toying with are – in no order of preference:-

Which title would make you want to read more, or do you have a suggestion of your own?

Help needed

Inspiration strikes!

I’m clearing my home after forty years of hoarding unnecessary memorabilia as I’m making ready to move house, but I found some real gems among the rubbish. Old diaries, photographs, fading theater tickets, ration books, identity papers and fragile letters from the war years. They add up to a real treasure trove of memories from the past.
With this priceless collection of inspiration, I’m now working on my next family saga. This one will cover almost a hundred years of family intrigue and secrets, and will certainly shake a few skeletons hiding in the cupboards. Watch this space.

If you can’t wait for this one, please read my earlier romantic family sagas set in England during the Second World War.




Happy reading