Latest Novel, Ella’s Destiny, available for PRE-ORDER

Ella’s Destiny is my latest romance saga.

I’ve placed a romance adventure, in a post apocalyptic setting, added a small twist of sci-fi, and a touch of time travel. This family romance is spiced with drama. Back to the Future meets The Clan of the Cave Bear as the backdrop to a traditional roller-coaster family saga of love and intrigue, hardships and joy. Follow Ella’s story as she nervously learns to survive in a strange new world and grows in confidence to embrace her destiny.



War is about to break out and Ella Stevens applies to join the Eden Venture in the hope of saving her teenage children and salvaging her failing marriage. Amid riots and unrest the family travel to their designated camp where they prepare for a future beyond anything they could have imagined.

During a perilous journey through space and time, Ella realises her marriage can not be saved, but is determined to fulfill her dream of finding a better future for her children. Arriving at the fresh new world, filled with hope and endless opportunity, Ella begins to build a life without her husband. However, the settlers soon discover that Eden is not the paradise they hoped it would be.

With no escape from the hostile and dangerous environment, survival becomes a priority. Ella embraces the challenges of her new life with a new-found courage and moves into a future that no one could have predicted.

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A Snowdrop’s Promise released in paperback.


I’m so pleased to announce, that after weeks of formatting, my latest, World War Two saga is now available in paperback. This novel is currently available in all Amazon stores as a Kindle eBook, and the paperback will be available within a few days. If you can’t wait, you can buy it now at Createspace, (links below to popular stores, or log in to your favourite Amazon store and search for the title, A Snowdrop’s Promise.) dotcombuycreatespace

At twenty-four-years old, Agnes felt she was headed for a spinster’s life. Being taller than most lads was a disadvantage, but she didn’t mind being the wallflower while her petite and pretty cousin drew men like a moth to a flame.

When Agnes fell for a tall Irishman’s charm, she thought she had found the love of her life. When Andrew asks Agnes to marry him, she has no idea where his proposal will lead them. Her Catholic father would not permit a Protestant son-in-law and he refused to listen to their pleading.

The young couple continued to meet in secret, and when Andrew decided to talk to Agnes’s father and try to win him around, none of them could have anticipated the outcome, or the repercussions of that fateful meeting.

War breaks out, giving a frightening and eventful backdrop to Agnes’s life of secrets and lies. She lives in fear of the truth emerging, to ruin the lives of her children, but eventually begins to feel that the truth may perhaps lead to her salvation.

Can she face up to her fears and disclose the secrets of her past?

I hope you enjoy the read.