Playing God

If I’ve been quiet for a while, please forgive me. I’ve been busy playing at being God.

I’m halfway through the process of writing my second, World War Two romantic saga, and I realised that I’m a very lucky person to be doing something I enjoy so much. I spend days at my computer, writing and researching as I go to fill in the historical details as accurately as I can while keeping the flow and the tempo of the story.

It occurred to me today that writing fiction is like playing God. I create my fictional world, adding details as I go, filling in the streets and workplaces to make the stage as realistic as possible for my characters to dance across. Then I add the characters. I sculpt them with words and describe how they look in an unobtrusive way so as not to jar the course of the story. I have control of their emotions and feelings, I can make them happy or sad, angry or willful. I can decide if they are to be lovable rogues or demons, simpering idiots or suave heroes, heroines or harridans. It’s a huge responsibility, but I love to make my little people believable in whatever role I choose for them to play.

As the story progresses, I have big decisions to make about the individuals who populate my world. Do I make them fall in love or do I make them become bitter enemies? Do I create more life by including a birth? Will I decide to kill anyone off? How will a death help to push the story forward? Who has a secret to hide, and what will that secret be?

I can become any one of those characters and get inside their head. I can hear what they are thinking, and I know how they will react to anything I wish to throw at them. I journey with them through years of their lives, and then I have to decide where to leave them. I like a happy ending and I think most readers do too, but I’m tempted, now and then, to allow the villain to triumph for a change.

It’s not easy to play God, but I wouldn’t swap my life as an author for anything else. It’s so good to be in control of a microcosm of humanity. To see the final product of my imagination in print is the ultimate pleasure. My little world is complete and I set it free to spin through the universe of literature, watching and hoping that my creation finds its own momentum and attracts a following of happy readers.

If you’d like to see the first World War Two romantic saga, ‘The Scent of Bluebells’ is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and in paperback.

You’ll find it here, or on your own country’s Amazon website.



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