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It's Penguin Shooting Day by Pearl A. Gardner

It’s Penguin Shooting Day

by Pearl A. Gardner

Giveaway ends June 10, 2014.

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Released in paperback 2nd May 2014.

Be one of the first to read the paperback edition of this amazing true life story of hope and inspiration. The Goodreads giveaway starts at midnight 3rd May. Click the link above to enter the draw for one of 2 copies available. Winners will be drawn and notified by the end of 10th June 2014.

Reviews on Amazon for the kindle version:-
‘This is based on a true story and it is very emotional and very touching.
It is very well written and makes you feel the pain and the joys of those actually involved.’

‘This is a book about family and the feelings of love and responsibility that start when your child is born and never diminish. I enjoyed it from start to finish.’

The story
The phone call that parents dread came on the 29th June 2008 at 11am.
Natalie’s voice shook when she told us, ‘Mum, Simon’s had a car crash, he’s in a coma.’

Compounding this awful news was the fact that my family lived at the other side of the world in Australia. Within hours I boarded my flight to be with them and started a diary of Simon’s journey back to us.

From Simon’s point of view, he wakes in a bizarre place full of strangers and doesn’t know why he is there. His yesterday is ten years ago and the only memories he has between then and now are hazy fragments.

Amazingly, his emotions are still intact, even though his memories don’t support them. He has no recollection of his wedding day, or of his daughter’s birth, but the love he feels for his wife and child are overwhelming in their intensity.

So we use Simon’s emotional strength and Natalie’s inspirational positive attitude to help him through the first traumatic weeks and try to set the foundations of a future we can only begin to imagine how to build.


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