eBook price reduction. Marketing experiment.



Marketing is a cutthroat business, and as an author, I don’t profess to know much about it apart from what I’ve gleaned on forums.

Once the cover, blurb and price are set, there’s not much more the author can do – or is there?

Writing blogs, creating a Facebook author page, Twitter account, and website are all advised marketing strategies, but unless you can reach the target audience by these methods, what good are they, really?

It’s all well and good putting all these marketing aids in place, but if the likes, tweets and followers are not actually interested in the books the author writes, what is the point? A Facebook page can have hundreds of likes from fellow authors and a twitter account can have as many followers, but if they don’t lead to actual sales, what is the author actually achieving?

I have all those strategies viable and I update them and keep them active on a regular basis, but the only way my books gain popularity is by lowering the price for a limited time.

As an experiment in marketing, I’m lowering all my eBook prices on Amazon to $0.99 or £0.99 or equivalent in your country. Promotional prices on all titles will be effective from 23rd March, but for The Scent of Bluebells, which will be effective from 31st March.

The price promotion will last until the first week in May, but may be prolonged if the experiment is successful.

I will be blogging the results as a percentage increase or decrease per title at the end of the experiment.

It will be very interesting to see what happens.

See all my titles on Amazon.com here Pearl a Gardner

See all my titles on Amazon.co.uk here Pearl A Gardner


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