Lightning Spheres eBook promotion


Lightning Spheres will be featured in the kindle countdown deal from February 28th to March 7th on and on

Grab yourself a bargain! The price increases in two stages. The longer you wait, the more it goes up.

This is also available in paperback.

Lightning Spheres is a sci-fi novel about alien abduction for preteens, but could be enjoyed by adults.

Story in brief:-
Eleven year old Jodie struggles to concentrate so disrupts her lessons and has earned the reputation of classroom clown.

Her younger brother suffers severe nightmares that make him ill.

She secretly fears that her brother’s illness is connected to her own night terrors. She dreams that balls of lightning take her to a place where aliens do painful things to her head.

Jodie is terrified the aliens are behind her brother’s illness and fears that she will become ill too. She decides to stay awake to discover more about the weird lightning spheres.

Where do they take her?
What are the Aliens doing to her?
Are her dreams real?
Can she save her brother?
Will she survive?


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