Becoming a self publisher has been a difficult journey. An author’s life is a relatively easy one, compared to that of an editor, cover designer, and marketing executive. Each of those roles put new challenges in my path, but the online forums gave me support and help with advice from more experienced Indie publishers.

As my first full length fiction goes to print, I feel apprehensive but elated. The journey from word document to printed paperback has been eventful, but I have learned important lessons that will make the next trip to hard copy much easier.

My first adult paperback is The Scent of Bluebells and is available from Amazon and Createspace among other outlets. It is also available as a kindle eBook from Amazon.
Enter the FREE prize draw at Goodreads below to win one of two FREE paperback editions of this heart warming and emotional story. Entry is open from midnight 6th February until midnight 6th March. Good luck!

In spring of 1939, life seems full of promise for the young girl from a northern mill town. War is brewing and for many women like Amy, it would change their lives forever.

Through the following five years of turmoil, Amy endures heartache and loss. Just as she is about to give birth, Jimmy, her husband, is reported missing in action and presumed dead.

After more than a year with no further news of her missing husband, she slowly begins to enjoy freedom and independence like she’d never known before.

The war continues with no news of Jimmy and she dares to love again.

Will this new love survive the war?

Will Jimmy be found?


Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Scent of Bluebells by Pearl A. Gardner

The Scent of Bluebells

by Pearl A. Gardner

Giveaway ends March 06, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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