Is alien abduction a modern myth?

I became interested in UFOs a few years ago after seeing strange flying objects in the sky above my home town of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I discussed my sightings with a police officer friend, and he warned me that I would not be taken seriously if I reported it to the authorities. I was astonished when he also confided in me that he had been abducted by aliens, but was too afraid to talk openly of his experience. I’m so grateful that he trusted me enough to discuss the details with me.

I decided to do some research on the issue. I talked with more abductees, attended UFO conferences, read many books on the subject and trawled the Internet for more information. I was surprised how much I found. I had no idea where my investigations would lead, but I was totally unprepared for what I uncovered.

Sifting the genuine stories from the fake accounts was challenging. Unfortunately, this subject is often trivialised and ridiculed, and I know that some will believe ALL the accounts are phony, no matter how much compelling testimony and physical evidence can be found.

I was drawn to a series of accounts that followed the same theme. Balls of light were seen in the sky, followed by abduction to a strange place, where physical examinations were made on the abductees by alien beings. Some abductees mention a breeding programme of some kind between aliens and human beings. How can so many similar stories, from individuals around the world, be false?

The idea of a book began to take shape. I wanted to expose the facts that I had discovered, but my police officer friend had warned me that nobody would listen. So I wrote a fictional account, using details from my research. You can start to read the story here. Fact or fiction? Urban myth or government cover-up? You decide.

Excerpt from They Take our Children, Book one, The Truth Revealed

Chapter One: Helen, Gavin

Helen watched her daughter’s birthday party from the bedroom window. The old panic prickled at the edges of her mind when she watched the fireworks lighting the sky, but she tried to rationalise her fear. Fireworks were not what caused her nightmares all those years ago. Fireworks had nothing to do with Courtney’s horrifying origins, but the lights in the sky were reminders of the more insidious lights that had everything to do with her daughter’s conception.

The memories of lights in the sky would always haunt Helen’s mind and fill her nightmares. Janine had buried those same memories so deep that she didn’t remember them at all. She thought her sister was lucky.

Helen shivered and pulled her cardigan closer around her shoulders. Janine was not so lucky when her two boys were taken from her before the eldest had his fifth birthday. Terry, Janine’s husband, was distraught to learn that the abduction of his two little blond boys didn’t even get a mention on the local news programme. They might never have existed as far as the media was concerned.

The police made sympathetic noises and said they were doing everything they could to follow the few leads they had, but now, more than seventeen years had passed since their disappearance and nothing had been seen or heard of them since that day. The boys had vanished without trace from the face of the earth and Helen knew that statement was closer to the truth than anything the police could possibly imagine.

Losing the boys was Janine and Terry’s constant nightmare, though none would guess they suffered so deeply to watch them outside in the garden this evening. Janine was laughing with some teenagers and Terry was busy lighting the fireworks. Anyone walking by would see nothing extraordinary. The garden held a normal family having fun at a birthday party. Helen knew that the image was skewed. Her family was nothing like normal and though fun was on the agenda today, she wondered how much longer she could control her rage and her terror of the future.

To read more, please come back soon. I will serialise the story here. You can also purchase the eBook from Amazon. Search for ‘They Take our children.’ by P A Gardner Book is now will be available, book two will be published in the next few days.


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