Are children’s books easy to write?

Many new authors mistakenly believe that children’s books are easier to write than adult fiction.

Here are some of the reasons why they may think this, followed closely by the reason why they are wrong:-

1. Children’s books are not usually as long as adult books, so are quicker to write.

J K Rowling proves that children do like longer books. The Harry Potter series is widely read by children of all ages and some readers are as young as 7 years old.

2. Children aren’t as well-educated so you can get away with the odd mistake and don’t have to spend too much time editing.

Don’t be misled! Children are super critical of mistakes. Remember they are still in the school environment where their mistakes are marked in RED. They will quickly lose respect for an author who knows less about grammar than they do.

3. Children don’t understand big words so vocabulary won’t be too taxing.

Having a rich and varied vocabulary is just as important in children’s books. Obviously don’t be too far advanced for your target reader, but don’t ‘talk down’ to them with over simplified text.

4. The children’s book market is not as big as the adult one, so will sell easier, with not so much competition.

The market for children’s literature is huge, so new authors will still face an uphill battle to have their work seen by potential publishers and buyers.

The opinions above are my own and not intended to offend or instruct. You may agree or not.

I am on the threshold of publishing my first children’s book, so this subject is close to my heart.

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Happy writing ’till next time


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