Independent Publishers

Indi authors often get a bad press but I’ve found this is often due to bad or non-existent editing. I do my best. I proof read my work on different media until my eyes are sore and then I ask some very good friends to do the same for me before I take the book to publication.

However, I am the first to hold my hand up and confess that my work will probably not be as ‘polished’ as it might have been had it been published by a large and well-funded publishing house with a team of professional editorial staff employed to sift through every semi-colon and double word typo.

I don’t price my books to compete with the big players. If the term, ‘you get what you pay for,’ is true, then I hope my readers will appreciate that they are not paying for a professionally edited novel, but I hope they will realise at the end of the book that they got a great deal and a good read for a very small price.

Please visit my website for a full list of my work, samples of completed novels and work in progress.


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